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Weekly Broadcast

2 September 2020

The Bunker Reading Group, Led by Ed Fornieles
Thursday 10th September, 7pm (GMT) meeting on Zoom – email to register

"The bunker reading group will meet weekly on Zoom during our time in quarantine to discuss a series of books which will cover a wide range of subjects that are of interest to its members. The emphasis in the group will be to interpret whatever text we are reading from a personal perspective, trying to make sense of how even abstract ideas or global events might relate to our pasts and day to day lives.

This is the second time we have covered addiction in the reading group, this time we are focusing on compulsive behaviors: things we probably did originally to cope with and relieve anxiety, but which seemingly take on their own momentum, dominating and shaping our thoughts and actions. I myself feel my life is often defined by phases in which I can fall into a compulsive mindset; in these moments I feel unable to think out of these behaviours, knowing they are not doing me any good. I persist nonetheless. Film, TV, porn, social media, video games are just a few things that I have used to ease my anxiety: blockers to whatever external or internal pressures which might be the root of my unease."

This week we will be joined by Tim Steer.

We will be reading these texts (PDFs available for download here):
- The Use of Media Entertainment and emotional Gratification, by Anne Bartsch, Reinhold Viehoff, Section 2, "Research Overview" (from page 2 to the top of page 5 on the PDF)
- The Craving Mind by Judson Brewer, Chapter 4, "Addicted to Distraction"
- Quotes and extracts from the essay Mapping Addicted Subjection: Toward a cartography of the addiction epidemic by Gordon Coonfield, and David Foster Wallace's novel Infinite Jest

We will also discuss this short video of Gabor Mate speaking on childhood anxiety (or, a longer version is here , if you have time).

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Evelyn Taocheng Wang
Global(e) Resistance (Group Show)

Centre Pompidou, Paris

9 Jul 2020 – 4 Jan 2021
Korakrit Arunanondchai
7th Yokohama Triennale: Afterglow

Yokohama Museum of Art, Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama 

17 Jul – 11 Oct 2020
Issy Wood
Must Dream About Blue Tonight (Group Show)

Sifang Art Museum, Nanjing

25 Jul – 18 Oct 2020
Korakrit Arunanondchai
7th Biennale Gherdeina

Ortisei, Val Gerdena

8 Aug – 20 Oct 2020
Ed Fornieles
Real Feelings (Group Show)

HeK Haus der elektronischen Künste, Basel

27 Aug – 15 Nov 2020
Evelyn Taocheng Wang
ABN Amro Art Prize (Solo Show)

Hermitage Museum, Amsterdam
Opening 03 Sep 2020

Evelyn Taocheng Wang
In the Presence of Absence (Group Show)

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Amsterdam

5 Sep 2020 – 31 Jan 2021
Korakrit Arunanondchai
Magical Soup (Group Show)

Hamburger Banhoff, Museum für Gegenwart, Berlin

6 Sep 2020 – 3 Jan 2021
Sable Elyse Smith
Marking Time: Art in the Age of Mass Incarceration

MoMA PS1, New York

17 Sep 2020 – 4 Apr 2021
Stuart Middleton & Issy Wood
Drawing 2020 (Group Show)

Gladstone Gallery, New York

17 Sep – 16 Nov 2020
Korakrit Arunanondchai
Summer Exhibition (Group Show)

Royal Academy, London

6 Oct 2020 – 3 Jan 2021
Stuart Middleton
Towner International Inaugural Biennial (Group show)

Towner, Eastbourne

6 Oct 2020 – 10 Jan 2021